Our Society has been operating since 1986, entirely by the work of volunteers. 

Donations to our Society support our volunteers, who do a range of work, with equipment such as: computers, fast internet, office furniture, bookshelves, scanners etc.  The work they do includes:

  • Cataloguing the thousands of items donated to our Society.
  • Researching our Collection to answer queries from the public and businesses.
  • Curating exhibitions to showcase our fine and growing Collection and generate funds
  • Manage our Collection in proper archival manner including archival boxes, etc
  • Developing and guiding historic walks to highlight our hisory and generate funds.
  • Digitize our Collection of photographs and documents, to make it available to people in Bayside, to those with mobility issues so that all can access it from their homes and libraries across the world.
  • Indexing our digitised Newsletters, documents and so on and making that database available online. 
  • Arrange speakers and venues for our History Forums and special events for the enjoyment of history buffs and to raise funds.
  • Developing and maintaining our superb website with up to date information and technology.
  • Writing books and booklets to sale to disseminate the unique information in our collection and to generate funds
  • Office administration duties such as writing thank you letters to donors, filing,
  • Secretarial tasks such as completing all legal requirements for the society eg annual reports to ACNC.
  • Management of the Societies finances by our Treasurer and independent auditor.
  • Minutes and Agendas.
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