The City of Sandringham

History of our area

The City of Sandringham was declared in 1923 after separating from Moorabbin in 1917. Due to amalgamation it formed part of the new City of Bayside in March 1997.

Land sales began in the 1850s and eventually the farms and market gardens made way for houses, both residential and vacational. There are still many historical homes in our region.

Our History


Local Enthusiasts

The Sandringham & District Historical Society was started in 1986 by a group of like-minded, local history enthusiasts. With considerable community assistance, rooms were made available over a period of years for meetings and storage of our collected assets. Eventually the City of Sandringham (now the City of Bayside) allocated the Society a site of its own, between the library and the senior citizens’ rooms in Sandringham.



In November 2018 Bayside Council decided to enlarge and update the library, Consequently, we will be relocated to the newly purchased former Sandringham Masonic Lodge in Abbott St, Sandringham. We have now moved to temporary premises at 31 Abbott St whilst the library building and the former Masonic Lodge are both upgraded.


Masonic Lodge

We are very excited to be moving in to the former Masonic Lodge late in 2019. Referred to as the ‘Resource Centre’, the Society has various reading and research areas, a modern computer network, tearoom facilities and the society’s archives. ( A portion of our archives are in storage until our relocation into the former Masonic Lodge. )