Benefits of Society Membership

  • Friendly meetings
  • Free access to all our facilities and resources for your own research, be it historical, family, academic or other.
  • Opportunities to become involved in:
    • Research
    • Cataloguing historic documents, journals and photographs
    • Writing and publishing
    • Recording oral histories.
    • Data entry
    • Developing and presenting displays and talks for community groups.
    • Exchanging ideas, public initiatives with like minded people
    • Friendly working bees.
    • Supporting your local historical society to provide this important and interesting community service.
  • To become a member, read the following paragraph and complete the online form.

Membership Form

I/We desire to become members of the Sandringham & District Historical Society Inc.

In the event of admission, I/we agree to be bound by the Rules of the Society being in force at the time. I/We understand that the annual membership fee is $25 ($40 for a couple) which will be due upon the Society’s acceptance of my membership application.