Benefits of Society Membership

  • Friendly meetings
  • Free access to all our facilities and resources for your own research, be it historical, family, academic or other.
  • Opportunities to become involved in:
    • Research
    • Cataloguing historic documents, journals and photographs
    • Writing and publishing
    • Recording oral histories.
    • Data entry
    • Developing and presenting displays and talks for community groups.
    • Exchanging ideas, public initiatives with like minded people
    • Friendly working bees.
    • Supporting your local historical society to provide this important and interesting community service.
  • To become a member, read the following paragraph and complete the online form.

Dates of Meetings for 2019

General Meetings. 

9th June at 2pm

1st September at 2pm

1st December at 2pm 

Committee of Management Meetings.

First Monday of each month at 4.00pm.

Membership Form

I/We desire to become members of the Sandringham & District Historical Society Inc.

In the event of admission, I/we agree to be bound by the Rules of the Society being in force at the time. I/We understand that the annual membership fee is $25 ($40 for a couple) which will be due upon the Society’s acceptance of my membership application.