The Castlefield estate

On Friday 8th December President Kristin Allen, Committee member Margaret Tripp and volunteer Di McDonald met with the State Minister for Veterans Affairs The Hon. Natalie Suleyman and MLC Ryan Batchelor and members of the Castlefield Project Centenary Committee led by Felicity Frederico OAM. The Castlefield estate was the second largest soldier settlement housing estate in Victoria after WW1 and is best preserved. It is recognizable buy the names of the streets which are named after landmarks on the Western Front (Amiens, Passchendaele, Rouen etc). Originally farmland owned by early settler Matthew Smith it was compulsorily acquired after the war. A grant of $30,000 has just been given to the Society to manage the Castlefield Project in the coming year. This will include research, a celebration and interpretative street signs. It is still early days but there will be more to come.

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